Saturday, July 12, 2008

Resolutions--------Revisited :

Pingggg...... and there comes the most awaited sms, exactly at 2:45, usually during the boring-est lecture of the day......., my today's "horror-scope" . Among all the applications orkut have launched and i surfed till date, this horoscope really dazzles me. Seems like god himself is pinging me.....

god: Knock-Knock, beta abhi, jaaago........ more than half of the year is over and you are still there,, Mr "nobody", a dread in the thoughts of your parents, a more perturbing issue than the sinking sensex for your brother, an "ever-increasing" debtor of your sister (reminding: 7yrs younger to U), a good for nothing creature for your gf ( gf?? did u mean grilfriend ??,,,, kahan?? kaun??). Its high time beta,, to "revisit your resolutions" ..... or o/w even i wont be able to help U .....
Bbyee, TC, GOD BLESS !!

So this is how god pings me time and again and this time it was a serious reminder ( rem, " or o/w even i wont be able to help U" ??) . So time to revisit the resolutions,, made while gazing stars on the midnite of 31st dec, made wen heart was broken into pieces by a friend (!!??) on the eve of V-day, made wen keshav left forever, made wen i flunked in java n linux (1st time in any sub after class 6's maths) and made wen evrytime i talk to my parents and chat wid my bro.

New-year's eve :
1.. I will make my parents feel proud of me ( an extinct feature since i gt into bansal classes, sweets were distributed to the enitire family and even to our surly neighbour, who later gave it to thier kaamwaali, gurrr!! ) .

2.. I will rekindle the hopes of bhaiya (which were flooded, i guess during the last 2 yrs) . His dream of "Binani Inc" or was it "Binani Brothers" ....?? (dsnt matrs.... i knw wat exactly he meant)

3.. I wont spend the next new year's eve, wasting time, making "resolutions" and "gazing bursting of crackers" from behind the window, rather i would be enjoying it wid my family or with my friends in some pub with hotties arnd ....

4.. I would adhere by the quote " Never let the fear of being striking out, Keep you from playing the game". And i'll propose to HER and lay my heart of hearts infront of her, the next-nearest opportunity that will knock my door......... or even if it dsnt...........
* Heroically *
( Well this resolution in particular and unfortunately reached its expiry date sooner than expected........ my supposed to be gf is today so happy wid her bf that i cant even think of their break up,, so its kinda useless stating it in my "reso-list" any more)
carrying on.....

V-Day's eve :
1.. Never-Ever would i get emotionally involved with ANYBODY (girl is for granted). I wont become so crazy about anyone just to know in the end that you were nothing but a PROVISIONAL - friend.....

2.. I will stop, put a BIG fullstop to this ORKUT thing ( A biggest waste of time and energy..)

3.. I will only concentrate on my studies and would never think about HER..... (who HER ??)

4.. finally i derived a complex-mathematical formula to prove the importance of success over "love and gf" thingy and how its a big waste of your time and more importantly ur dad's money, "moping around in hunt for love" . The formula was called "95% - 5% FORMULA" , which became a big-hit among the singles of my college (I feel proud of myself for inventing what Einstein and Newton never even dared to give a try.... )

1st March's eve ::
1.. Keshav was at his best, on his way to the peak of success and glory, but even god being jealous dint gave him a chance to prove himself to the live, now since i hv been blessed to live this long and atleast a lil more further, so I wont waste even a mili-second of my life, brooding over any unimportant thing (i knew what exactly i meant by this "unimportant thing"....). I will give my life a better purpose to live and more importantly will work toward it....I promise !!

Thanks a ton to god, i have set my foot on right tracks now; keeping myself busy with java projects (~ my "flunked in java" resolution) .
Keep pinging god.. i would need you by my side forever..... :)
~ your greatest admirer, abhi


sahil said...

hey abhi...
m glad to hear tht someone still is tryin to "revisit" resolutions...
as for ur lady luck... it will come to u(thts a lame line... still i expect u to get hold of it nyway..) and until thn thr is no need to disappoint the unlucky girls out thr... :)
And i really hope ur java project works out.. if not fr ur sake thn mine... :)

abhi binani said...

an entirely encouraging comment dude........ (for GIRLS !!)
tanx bloke needed some fodder for the blog.... ;)
and dn wry abt the project, sm1 must be doin isnt..??