Sunday, March 15, 2009

TOD 4 :

I have to go to rehab, she makes me crazy!! ;)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

TOD 3 :

Happiness comes in small package, with clause attached that reads "conditions apply" !!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Bucket List :

"Time is a teacher"- the most philosophical statement i quoted on my blog till date. Past few yrs in it taught me that after girls*, if there is anything more bitchy and that you cant trust a bit is- life.
*latest source- Roadies 6.0 :
"Never trust a girl wid innocent face" - Roop (a 22 yr old-Sane-FEmale-with an innocent face)

My latest medical report clearly justifies my idea of doing bungee jumping at 60 as feasible but as i said life is worth not to trust, so here i am pening down a few things that i want to do or want to happen to me before i bid bye for eternity or say before i kick the bucket..

1> Have that one accomplishment to prove that i can achieve more than mediocrity.

2> To go for a long drive with friends at almost mid of night, breaking signals, hitting blockades, everyone at high, though not as much as the speakers of the car.

3> To be a "sadist-at-its-best" for one day. Hurt someone, make them cry, feel miserable and pathetic and take pleasure out of it.

4> To do a samba or salsa or infact anything that somehow resembles dance and can spread the aura of romanticism to the levels of "Casablanca" or "Serendipity".

5> A dim candle lit dinner followed by a dusky moon lit kiss.

6> To feel special in a way that would wet my eyes. You knw the cliche-ical bollywood dialogue "khushi ke aasoon".

7> To give life to one of those fantasy full dream of most of my nights.. inexplicable, unsharable, tinge of errotic agreed but exotic.

P.S 1: Yet to have its taste!!
P.S 2: I dont know how to drive..
P.S 3: why ???? because "good guys finish last"... lol
P.S 4: I suck at dance.. two left feet
P.S 5: I suffer Achluophobia (fear of darkness)
P.S 6: aaahh did i said m a big emotional fool...??
P.S 7: For my friends who take interest in voyeurism, if your thoughts are like family pizza then mine is not more then its toppings, so dnt ponder over this point.
As for the rest of them, if you find any similarity or want to add in mine... let me know!!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adversity on sale........ No more :

Excessively sobbing Dilip Kumar and the "one and all" rotulu (weepy : for my international fan following) characters of the antiquated K-serials doesnt strike the flimsy chord of its audience any more. Not that i have spent my puja vacs hopping door to door and taking
a survey of people's favotite TV show, but when change becomes evident theres no need of

God knows that evry article of this blog has been written under the mood brought into
existence by uncanny adventures (read heart broken financially dwindling frustations)
and truly emotional useless-for-others lovesick mishaps. A new post in the blog means
the most depressing, demoralizing and ready-to-kill-the-next-seen-person phase of my life, since the last post. Butt the irony is that the one of the most grotesque comments on my blog are usually metaphrases of "veryy funny article.... :) :) ......keep it up" ;
I read the post again and then once more to get that funny part of it.... and i laugh my lungs out only when i have reached the comments block again. I mean i know, that this blog is not even as renowned as mimoh chakarborty would be in the Beverly Hills and neither would it be any close to the fame of Harman Baweja by 2050 and thats why, my discussion on highly sensitive issues like comments* shd not to be taken as an attempt to increase the TRP of this web-space.
*talking on comments inside blogs are as sensitive as talking of sex to your girl on the 1st date OR talking of sensex to a broker who has already got 2 cardiac arrests.

I mean I dont get, how people always manage to see the most conspicuous of thing but not the straightforward crux. They would see the clear white shell of an egg but not the yolk inside it, the cleavage of a sexy girl inside the dark theatre but not the totally torned wallet of her boyfriend outside it, the pleasure in a prostitutes groan but not her pain, the....... aaahh lev it my comparisons will never improve, bt i guess i hv conveyed my feelings to a much (in)decent extent this time.
So the moral of the story is : Adversity is smthing you cant sell with an offer of "buy one get one free" or with a punch line of "....thoda aur wish karo "

Anyways, Speaking on my puja vacs : I dint go out for dandia or say disco dandia or specifically for me say eye-dandia (sry, tried to translate "nain mataka" in eng) this time, i dint talked for hours on phone with anyone *smirks* , i dint went for pandal hoppings in car wid cousins and her friends ("her friends", da part stressed hre.. *winks*) But still i enjoyed almost the whole of my time. I did many things that i usually dont do durin my holidays. I had the 1st ever tequila of my life (finally !) and the 2nd and 3rd one too. *sighs*
Our school group had a small reunion or say rock-on at a friend's place, that ws hell amazing, and i had loads of fun. Some of us were meeting after 5 long years of transition and its aftermath. I also got my 300 rupees back frm a friend that he had taken to buy gift for me on my b'day in 10th standard, aaahh cmon 300 is not a small amount even for Bill Gates in such a time of economic recession and market slumps around the world, huh !! And then there was a college reunion at my place, that was awesome fun too except that sahil was reacting too impatient for the 700 rupees , he spent on my train tickets* .
*cmon dude ur not going to die tomorrow we are here for fun and you are always busy with your account book, darn it !!

ok so now im getting bored so should be you, so u have your paracetamol, disprin, watever while we meet again. This time its gonna be sooner i promise.. :)
love ya all.... keep missing me like always, keep fighting for to be the 1st one to write a comment on my post, keep mailing me hugs and smooches and ya keep laughing (if anyone has managed reading it till this point....)
anyways, ciao :)

Yours truly-madly-deeply,
*grins with small chinesse eye*

Thursday, August 14, 2008

(even) Rubbish is not the word....

so when something bad has to happen it will happen anyways.. anyhow.. anytime........ any room. I m a little shattered today.
abhi 2.0 : awhh abhi tell us something we dont know, u always write when u are shattered.. rem losing my virginity, a sneak peek, Reso--revisited and topping the chart is JTYJN....)

I had a bunch of nonsense to make headway in my blog since the last post. Some really good craps i was thrilled to dump here. I m going home tomorrow and was supposed to leave some funny posts in my blog to keep it tickle, that's because fortunately (read sadly, inconsolably) no other human knows about the existence of this blog, but what has happened just almost an hr before has led myself fall into an abyss of self-retrospection.

Let me first give you the basic idea of what you will be reading in this post. After reading this post ur doubt that this blog sucks, will convert into surety by all means. when u reach the end of the of the post you will realize that how you could have used this time for much better things like pissing for long hours ( ok i dnt exactly mean "hours" ) in your air conditioned bathroom (i heard my readers are quite elite, they dnt leave comments, avoiding paparazzi n all) , reading champak (the 2nd-3rd class fellows who really louvee my blog and find it "intellectual", gosh! where do they even learn these words from), watching tarzan "again" (for my friends from kalahari). Last and of course the least, this post is going to fetch me comments ( which are like a pie in the sky) as uncanny as "dude you are really so honest" (when they actually mean "man you are such a big windbag"). So being a human myself i have warned you more than lots against reading ahead. But i know reaching this far (and cursing the friend who recommended you to read this blog) u will read the post anyhow, so lets dont waste time pondering uselessly.

Title: Personal means Personal is Personal...... Let it be personal :

prologue : A week before from now one of my close friend in hostel had a solid booze party in his room. Last i heard was he got a little emotional (started crying and sobbing with his face sandwhiched between 2 large pillows) after having a full small bottle of RS (dont know RS ??) . Well even i was touched. Then at 3 in the morning he suddenly woke up and started writing something in his personal diary (which unto that night was his rough copy, i guess) , close to the speed of light.

First chapter : I went to his room for a movie and saw that no one was there. My abhi version 13 always happens to predominate me at such times. I wanted to see what a guy can write at 3 in the midnight when he is drunk enough to distinguish between a pen and pumpkin. I searched and luckily (not so..) found the keys of his wardrobe left carelessly inside one of the pillow's cover. I opened the wardrobe then the diary and then the page dated that night. Third in the list of lashing some of his friends brutally, callously and mercilessly was the name which made me jumped off my feet. It reads exactly like.....

abhishek binani "some people have this habit of talking rubbish". (dude atleast use abhi binani, dnt you know i hate aabhieesshekh..)

Last chapter : rubbish ?? read it again....... and again.... and once more. Check the dictionary, confirm the meaning. The line kept knocking and reverberating 1000 times in my mind. Though the handwriting was more greek than latin, sorry english but come on, i could have understand even mandarin once i know that its MY name written in some ones personal diary. Well when half of the world bellows gibberish outmatching the other half, so i wont brag to be any exception but the thing is dont know why i was and i am still laughing. I have neva been able to give a word to this feeling and still trying....

epilogue : I am writing this post.... I am feeling so dejected and dismal. I feel like go and hug my mom and grumble everything to her a little exaggeratedly.

moral of the story : when your friend is warning you not to read his/her personal diary.......... dude just listen to them, they are your "well wisher" after all....

well i would like to keep the post short giving you yet another chance to escape from this escapadious (this word doesnt exists, so dont try to mug it up) blog. I am sure you will leave loads of beautiful and encouraging comments as always.... love you all .... :)
*i am such a good bargain hunter* *grins* *winks*

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Resolutions--------Revisited :

Pingggg...... and there comes the most awaited sms, exactly at 2:45, usually during the boring-est lecture of the day......., my today's "horror-scope" . Among all the applications orkut have launched and i surfed till date, this horoscope really dazzles me. Seems like god himself is pinging me.....

god: Knock-Knock, beta abhi, jaaago........ more than half of the year is over and you are still there,, Mr "nobody", a dread in the thoughts of your parents, a more perturbing issue than the sinking sensex for your brother, an "ever-increasing" debtor of your sister (reminding: 7yrs younger to U), a good for nothing creature for your gf ( gf?? did u mean grilfriend ??,,,, kahan?? kaun??). Its high time beta,, to "revisit your resolutions" ..... or o/w even i wont be able to help U .....
Bbyee, TC, GOD BLESS !!

So this is how god pings me time and again and this time it was a serious reminder ( rem, " or o/w even i wont be able to help U" ??) . So time to revisit the resolutions,, made while gazing stars on the midnite of 31st dec, made wen heart was broken into pieces by a friend (!!??) on the eve of V-day, made wen keshav left forever, made wen i flunked in java n linux (1st time in any sub after class 6's maths) and made wen evrytime i talk to my parents and chat wid my bro.

New-year's eve :
1.. I will make my parents feel proud of me ( an extinct feature since i gt into bansal classes, sweets were distributed to the enitire family and even to our surly neighbour, who later gave it to thier kaamwaali, gurrr!! ) .

2.. I will rekindle the hopes of bhaiya (which were flooded, i guess during the last 2 yrs) . His dream of "Binani Inc" or was it "Binani Brothers" ....?? (dsnt matrs.... i knw wat exactly he meant)

3.. I wont spend the next new year's eve, wasting time, making "resolutions" and "gazing bursting of crackers" from behind the window, rather i would be enjoying it wid my family or with my friends in some pub with hotties arnd ....

4.. I would adhere by the quote " Never let the fear of being striking out, Keep you from playing the game". And i'll propose to HER and lay my heart of hearts infront of her, the next-nearest opportunity that will knock my door......... or even if it dsnt...........
* Heroically *
( Well this resolution in particular and unfortunately reached its expiry date sooner than expected........ my supposed to be gf is today so happy wid her bf that i cant even think of their break up,, so its kinda useless stating it in my "reso-list" any more)
carrying on.....

V-Day's eve :
1.. Never-Ever would i get emotionally involved with ANYBODY (girl is for granted). I wont become so crazy about anyone just to know in the end that you were nothing but a PROVISIONAL - friend.....

2.. I will stop, put a BIG fullstop to this ORKUT thing ( A biggest waste of time and energy..)

3.. I will only concentrate on my studies and would never think about HER..... (who HER ??)

4.. finally i derived a complex-mathematical formula to prove the importance of success over "love and gf" thingy and how its a big waste of your time and more importantly ur dad's money, "moping around in hunt for love" . The formula was called "95% - 5% FORMULA" , which became a big-hit among the singles of my college (I feel proud of myself for inventing what Einstein and Newton never even dared to give a try.... )

1st March's eve ::
1.. Keshav was at his best, on his way to the peak of success and glory, but even god being jealous dint gave him a chance to prove himself to the live, now since i hv been blessed to live this long and atleast a lil more further, so I wont waste even a mili-second of my life, brooding over any unimportant thing (i knew what exactly i meant by this "unimportant thing"....). I will give my life a better purpose to live and more importantly will work toward it....I promise !!

Thanks a ton to god, i have set my foot on right tracks now; keeping myself busy with java projects (~ my "flunked in java" resolution) .
Keep pinging god.. i would need you by my side forever..... :)
~ your greatest admirer, abhi

Friday, July 4, 2008

Tera mujhse, hai pehle, ka nataaaa koieee.......

yuheeen nahee dil, lagataaa koieeee...........
jaaaaaanee tooooooooooooooooooo, yaaaa jaaane naaaaaaa....
maaaaanee toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, yaaaaa maane naaaaaaaa........

i dnt know what i m doing ??? i also dnt know what i wud be writing ??? in fact i don't even know why should i write anythn at all, but its just that i cant curb my emotions any further, im on a high, stoned!! . I can break all the securities, vault over the barricades, enter the cricket ground, dancing euphorically with cadbury on my right hand, and hug and kiss my "beautiful-indian-batswoman" girl friend, mid way,mid game in the india-australia women's world cup (remember the old cadbury ad ?? there that voluptuous babe played my role......) Myriad emotions are flurrying out, im snickering and singing (read screaming, wailing ) latest hindi movie tracks, dancing in my hostel mess and winking, stalking, sly-smiling, grating and harassing the poor-pedestrian girls (and not pedestrian-poor....).... and for the umpteen number of times, " no im NEITHER drunk NOR doped ".

Just a few hours before, i came out of the theatre, watching my first movie (first day, matinee) in bhubaneshwar (after 2 yrs..), "Jaaanee tooooooooooo, yaaaaaa, jaaaanee naaaaaa" ( no i dont have any crush on the eng-vowels, and neither im that bad in spellings, but this is how the title has been grunted throughout the movie) .
First things first, after being hooked to watching movies in multiplexes of above-average standards, this 3rd class standalone gave me a feeling of a mega-huge charity or NGO funded dharamshala for destitutes,, "with lights gone".
The movie right from its very 1st scene, was like "kapil dev watching the highlights of 1983 cricket world cup final for the 17 th time", every next scene is predictable (with 100% surety), the script was soo hackneyed.
Same age old concept of telling a story to a friend and portraying the movie as flashback. A tale of two best- friends not realizing that they love each other . when mr hero gets another girl, the heroine starts feeling jealous, and when heroine gets engaged with another stud, mr hero turns green. Finally 2 breaks ups and 1 make up.
// for the zillionth time dear script writers,................. "A boy and girl can NEVER be BEST - FRIENDS...., they HAD to be in love.............. eeeeeeehhhh!!"

This is not all, when i was desperately waiting to watch the best part of the movie, to get some worth of my money, damn it they didn't showed "THE END" at all. The movie has left me scarred mentally for now, and i hv decided not to watch any movie in bbsr for the nxt 2 yrs.........
well personally i feel the movie has done its job well at one place, u'll leave the theater with a smiling face, resaon whatsoever............

my suggestion --------->> " A must watch movie "
reason ??
Its hangover would last longer than 10 beers + 7 rum + 5 whisky, taken all neat ...................................................

kamal's calling, ( i was caught red-handed throwing empty pop-corn bag on his girl friend, during the movie )..... gotta goo................ ciao


Tera mujhse, hai pehle, ka nataaaaaaa koieee.......
yuheeeeeeeen nahee dil, lagataaa koieeee.............
jaaaaaanee tooooooooooooooooooo, yaaaa jaaane naaaaaaa
maaaaanee toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, yaaaaa maane naaaaaaaa........

jaaaaaanee toooooooooooooooooooo.................................... :O