Friday, April 18, 2008

Yipeee......"exams on door"........ :)

Unlike all the bloggers who are studying in some or other colg (and some school kids too, who write blogs nowadays on much more sensible topics than mine....) and having their exams on door, i wont be blubbering about how much fun i wud be missing for the next 20 days cos of exams and my yearning for the strawberry cream**

** "strawberry cream" --> the most common thing one can find in any girly blog (they would not forget to mention about them even while writing on highly inflammatory and seditious topics like "America's passive attitude towards global warming.." (as if their ice-creams wud be the first to melt..) or "tibetan agitation - Is the olympic torch losing fire????" (No its not, but throw a bucket full of water on it and then it will surely extinguish, and then your ice-creams are also safe....)

Girls usually interrupt a lot, so coming back to the titled topic....i knw its probably for the 1st time in the history of mankind (or were their any undiscovered genius before me also?) that one can see the two words "yipeee" and "exams" coupled toghether (unless ofcourse its not "yipeee.........exams over...."). Well even im not a nerd by deed(by god, mark sheet check kar lo....) infact i use to lead the rallies of mass bunk and strikes in my colg.....but i have a notion (reminds me of martin luther's "i have a dream") behind such a nomenclature of the post and that u'll come to know in due course of reading the post, thoroughly (pura to padhna hi hoga..... ).

Orkut, Gtalk, movies, novels, (some classified things, not to mention for the sake of keeping this blog earn a knighthood similar to "family movie - mahesh bhat types") and same roaming around the campus with the same jobless frns of mine has left the life monotonous and humdrum; It lacks on adventure and thrill; Although last to last month was indubitably the most adventurous juncture of my life** So i was in no hurry for any further adventures or thrills; but its high time now and im getting really bored;

**(if u have read my post "Losing my virginity" early this month than you must be knowing about how i saved my life from women right activists assaulting me and accusing me of audacious scripting on women in my blogs and also how i was left alone in the theater to watch "ram gopal varma ki......eessshhh"......well to be a little honest these all are way better than wat actually happened)

Now when the most awaited end-sems are just 7 days away, my life is taking twists and twirls; I m only as much acquainted with the subjects as you are (assuming that you are no university topper and not pursuing in engineering stream atleast.....). No it still doesnt means that i have started or im about to start my preparations now (my writing on sch a senseless topic is the most lively example of this.....); I believe on the funda of "you dont became an engineer by reading books.."
(lemme tell you when exams are only as close as the vest you are fundas are applicable.....) and there the adventure starts for me;

24 hrs and you are bound to complete the WHOLE syllabus, that the professors try for more than 4 months to force-feed in your wat they think "pint-sized brain" ( why not somebody go and tell these profs that we are not as dumb as they think we actually are....); Start searching the hostel for your helping-friends (they are the one on whom you shout "koi kaam nahi hai saala, hamesha padhta hi rehta hai" OR "zindgi se bilkul udaas hai yaar yeh" the whole semister minus 20 days); Book your number to get tutored by him (its not on the "first come first learn" depends on how close you are to him and how many times you have inspired him and helped him to befriend with his equally nerdy lab-partner (nerd boy + nerd girl = short circuit.....and in my programming language a "null pointer");

NO more orkut, NO more chattering in gtalk, NO more paulo coehlo or ayn rand (though i love them) and NO more whistling on the cozy-couples behind the bush in the campus garden; Well these are all that i louvve to do and cant live without, but for a change, i wish for 20 days of transcendent life ~ beyond the luxuries of the materialistic world (except one...."xerox" and for some intrepid scholars who during the rest of the sem claim to be dyslexic "mini - xeorx", failing to which = failing the exam); So heyloo all you girls out there, not gulping a strawberry cream for a couple of weeks will definitely not lead to the bankruptcy of the ice-cream parlour ( and neither is the whole world's strawberry storage would come to an end in these 20 days.......duh);

p.s another tonic would be posted after my exams are over.......well apart from all the crap, if bynechance any body is reading this post, pls pls pls wish me good luck for my exams (girls you also, i swear next time onwards no wicked comments on your strawberry - cream........)


vineeta said...

well....wish u a very good luck 4 ur exams .... do it well ....i kw u will come out wit flying colours .... so all da best buddy !!!! n yes im dying 2 hear dis sentence 4rm u -''yippie exams r over n dey were gr8''... :)

abhi binani said...

@ vin
thank u soooo mch..... :)
i wud really try nt to let u or ne1 else down.....
may god give u loadss of STRAWBERRY - CREAMS......lols

Swati said...

dear ALL DA BEST 4 UR EXMZ...!!! n i noe ur gonna du well in da exmz....:)n if nt den u wasted ol mah prayinz....:(...hope..u"ll nt let dem go lyk tat....:)..nywayz...ALL DA VRY BEST..:)

Ankit said...

heyy dude...waitin 4 ur next post...make it quick yaaaar!!:)

abhi binani said...

@ swati
Tanx..... :)

@ ankit
bddy i hv been freed from the prison for 1 month soo no access to net.......but i assure of coming up wid some good 1s cos lotss f exciting and enticing thngs hapnin arnd ....... :P
till den ciao.... :)