Saturday, June 28, 2008

A SNEAK PEEK ........

After being left uncared and unattended for months.... the call came as an elixir to the blog........... as well !

Having been devotedly involved in a fling with HIS latest crush, cat (stands for common admission test, and not common aptitude test as i used to think, before he enlightened me) now days, HIS mozilla bookmarks have drastically mutated from to

so on one such odd occasion, i also joined him in reading this article shedding light on the ground rules of speed reading (it took me 40 days to complete "the fountainhead").....when suddenly i felt a disturbing sensation inside the bedsheet, and before i cud actually jump out of it, anticipating a minor earthquake, HE, on the other hand was nestling into his knee, cuddling the bed and was stretching his hands .................
to reach out for his cell,, vibrating.

A nano-second of apathetic look on the cell and he was transformed into a living dead, a horror portrait, a live coma, or say he became a chunk of frozen flesh wid eyes wide open..

To put an end to my curiosity, i preferred a sneak peek on the twinkling little screen of his loosely held cell. It was his friend (girl and friend) , the one HE use to brag as his best ever SHE- friend, whom he stopped talking for some "god-knows" personal reasons, months back and since then was desperately waiting for her call unto a few days before.

This, is not the first time it has happened, infact now i m as sure abt this as i m abt the gravity or god. My law would go somewhat like this....
"All the expectations remaining earthly and non-fictional, the thing u wish badly to happen, will happen the very next day, u make sure that u would be the last person it could evr transpire to........ "

HE : (ending his streak of numb and senseless barbie doll look!!) Noooooo wayss ....
cuhmmon.... nt nw...... nt eva..... i dont, wnt to talk to u again.

HE : it has to be by mistake, i know she had stored my number in the name of her cousin brother's "calcutta-waali" girlfriend ..... ~sighs

// the frenziedness of his cell was clearly perceptible, it was dancing a different tune, it was teasing HIM.

during these 15 mins which passed with every second separated by eternity, HE got some 14 full-length calls from HER.... some he brought to silence and some, being in oblivion, he couldn't hear at all.

HE : (dripping with emotions from top to bottom.......) These are definitely not by mistakes, 10-12 times could still hv been taken as "by-mistake" but 14 times, surely seems that something terribly wrong with her, i wish not. Also i can imagine how daring and bold she would have been, to keep her ego aside and make the 1st move, whatever the reason be. Aur phir 14 call to bandi apne boyfriend ko bhi nai karti yaaar..
//talking more to himself than to me...... hellooo im heere.... just inches away and almost right infront of you....
With confidence enough to propose Angelina Jolie infront of Brad Pitt .......
HE : I m calling her.......

after loosing rounds of wrestle mania and done wid playing color-color wid HIS cell.... HE was
finally successful to make a call, on the 7th attempt.....

HE : (struggling to breathe...... ) hello, i am rea....

HER : #&#&$?%&@*#*!!#&**
//srry evn wid ears wide open i was unable to hear a single word.... she was

HE: arreey im really very srry yaar, had my class, aahhh.... training was goin on (HE usually lies, wen he feels nervous................ his cell was perspiring......... or was it his hands ??)

HE: u mst be hvin ur local no. isnt ? gimme that and i call u back.

HE left the room and talked to HER for some 50 unbelievable mins (he wasnt expectin any further in this lifetime), durin which HE's contribution was not more than that of the trucks and auto passing by and was largely constricted to "aur bol" and "anyways", more no of times than all the words taken together.
//...... jsst a sneak peek (concerned for him, you see) !!

~ Goods and bads of the conversation.....


--->i know HE was waitin for this day, HE said this would be "HIS-dominating" day, cos HE had all the questions and HE had all the answers too, but things took a 180 dergree turn wen her above normal voice and inccessant speech , left HIM frozen, head over heels.
// I was feeling to howl like a lone
wolf does on a full moon nite. But i guess 4 months were enough to stamp out evry chapter of hatred and misunderstandings, which HE dint wanted to give life again.

---> 4 mnths passed by, HE didnt talked to her but still most of HIS-side vocabs
included "anyways", "aur bol", "bbbbyeeee" and "good nite" only by which HE managed to eke out a threadbare existence.

---> HE should learn to "open his mouth and laugh" rather than olwayss smiling at his best through out, so that evn the other person can know that he is indeed enjoying every mili-second of the conversation, every joke and evn the PJs.

---> Of all the things, HE asked her some basic fundamental questions (whc felt like he has learnt from a "short-term course on telephonic conversation" book). Bickering over some realy unimportant "somebodies" and "somethings" and interrogating abt her othr she-frnds was enf to make a fool out of HIMSELF, througout. I dont knw why HE cant talk a lil sense wen HE is really supposed to.(well than why not infront of HER)


---> HE really,badly and desperately wanted to talk to HER just once, only to let her know that, HE is "not a bad guy and is nt responsible (atleast not completely responsible) for wat happened, it was the demand of time, neither ur fault nor mine" ...... // oops, it rhymes.... ;)

---> HE is very happy to get HIS friend back (he thot he wud neva see again), it was clear on

his face, in his smile....

I was sleeping (trying..... o k pretending) when HE came to the room, and started mumbling in his soliloquy.............
some promises, some resolutions....

--> never to check HER scrapbook (not even HER friend's) ever again.

--> never to give HER 5 miscalls, back-to-back ( ok nt evn 3........... fine no mscalls at all)

--> never to ask abt ne of HER bfs....... it dsnt matters a whit to me at large evn if they are "just-friends" . After all SHE is a smart kid herself.... :)

--> never to send HER senti msgs (specially the ones ending with "never call me again")

------> and all this.............. never to loose HER............... ever again....

god bless friendship......AMEN!

// edited ltr..
while i was scanning my system yesternight, i found an mp3 file of liz phair's "divorce song", which i gt some time bak in the 2nd sem. Almost an year passed by, and i never heard this song. The song cant be any more worse than its actlly was(my sincere apologies for her fans (!??!) , but the lyrics throughout were engrossing enough to make one listen it atleast once. Few lines that really arrested my mind are worth posting....

" Just to prove I was right
That it's harder to be friends than lovers
And you shouldn't try to mix the two
Cause if you do it and you're still unhappy
Then you know that the problem is you "

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