Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adversity on sale........ No more :

Excessively sobbing Dilip Kumar and the "one and all" rotulu (weepy : for my international fan following) characters of the antiquated K-serials doesnt strike the flimsy chord of its audience any more. Not that i have spent my puja vacs hopping door to door and taking
a survey of people's favotite TV show, but when change becomes evident theres no need of

God knows that evry article of this blog has been written under the mood brought into
existence by uncanny adventures (read heart broken financially dwindling frustations)
and truly emotional useless-for-others lovesick mishaps. A new post in the blog means
the most depressing, demoralizing and ready-to-kill-the-next-seen-person phase of my life, since the last post. Butt the irony is that the one of the most grotesque comments on my blog are usually metaphrases of "veryy funny article.... :) :) ......keep it up" ;
I read the post again and then once more to get that funny part of it.... and i laugh my lungs out only when i have reached the comments block again. I mean i know, that this blog is not even as renowned as mimoh chakarborty would be in the Beverly Hills and neither would it be any close to the fame of Harman Baweja by 2050 and thats why, my discussion on highly sensitive issues like comments* shd not to be taken as an attempt to increase the TRP of this web-space.
*talking on comments inside blogs are as sensitive as talking of sex to your girl on the 1st date OR talking of sensex to a broker who has already got 2 cardiac arrests.

I mean I dont get, how people always manage to see the most conspicuous of thing but not the straightforward crux. They would see the clear white shell of an egg but not the yolk inside it, the cleavage of a sexy girl inside the dark theatre but not the totally torned wallet of her boyfriend outside it, the pleasure in a prostitutes groan but not her pain, the....... aaahh lev it my comparisons will never improve, bt i guess i hv conveyed my feelings to a much (in)decent extent this time.
So the moral of the story is : Adversity is smthing you cant sell with an offer of "buy one get one free" or with a punch line of "....thoda aur wish karo "

Anyways, Speaking on my puja vacs : I dint go out for dandia or say disco dandia or specifically for me say eye-dandia (sry, tried to translate "nain mataka" in eng) this time, i dint talked for hours on phone with anyone *smirks* , i dint went for pandal hoppings in car wid cousins and her friends ("her friends", da part stressed hre.. *winks*) But still i enjoyed almost the whole of my time. I did many things that i usually dont do durin my holidays. I had the 1st ever tequila of my life (finally !) and the 2nd and 3rd one too. *sighs*
Our school group had a small reunion or say rock-on at a friend's place, that ws hell amazing, and i had loads of fun. Some of us were meeting after 5 long years of transition and its aftermath. I also got my 300 rupees back frm a friend that he had taken to buy gift for me on my b'day in 10th standard, aaahh cmon 300 is not a small amount even for Bill Gates in such a time of economic recession and market slumps around the world, huh !! And then there was a college reunion at my place, that was awesome fun too except that sahil was reacting too impatient for the 700 rupees , he spent on my train tickets* .
*cmon dude ur not going to die tomorrow we are here for fun and you are always busy with your account book, darn it !!

ok so now im getting bored so should be you, so u have your paracetamol, disprin, watever while we meet again. This time its gonna be sooner i promise.. :)
love ya all.... keep missing me like always, keep fighting for to be the 1st one to write a comment on my post, keep mailing me hugs and smooches and ya keep laughing (if anyone has managed reading it till this point....)
anyways, ciao :)

Yours truly-madly-deeply,
*grins with small chinesse eye*

4 comments: said...

yipeeeeee,,i dn have to fite ne1 to be the first 2 comment on this yet another masterstoke...the para i mean i dont get...........take a bow darling...simply amazing...awesome phrases...wish mimoh or harman get to read this..bro its truly a blogger wrlds loss that they r missing out on this champ....
wud eagerly wait for the day when ppl wud be houndin ova each other in the race to post their comment..cheers...keep up the good work..GOD BLESS !!!!!

Abhi Binani said... :
dude dude dude, u'll get ur treat at the place decided bt no xtra money for last 2-3 lines.... :)
tanx bro, I seriously dint took it seriously :D

Saket said...

I think ur blog is more famous than Mimoh or Harman. Dude!! U have more hits on ur blog than the no. of people who have watched Love story 2050 or the other movie(what was the name???).

By the way, it was good to see u active on blogger!! Late comer, next blog ko laane mein jyada late mat karna.

And a special mention of the comparisons. I loved them!!! Could actually visualize them... Absolute magic with pen :)

Keep Writing.............S.R.

Siddhartha said...

So this is what a hard core blog article looks like. This is awesome dude.....Even more amazing than Mimoh in ?????(whatever) or Harman(oops was that Hurman or isn't it Her-man:referring to Priyanka that is)....No seriously this is awesome stuff.....You have the gift of the gab my friend.Make the most of it.