Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Bucket List :

"Time is a teacher"- the most philosophical statement i quoted on my blog till date. Past few yrs in it taught me that after girls*, if there is anything more bitchy and that you cant trust a bit is- life.
*latest source- Roadies 6.0 :
"Never trust a girl wid innocent face" - Roop (a 22 yr old-Sane-FEmale-with an innocent face)

My latest medical report clearly justifies my idea of doing bungee jumping at 60 as feasible but as i said life is worth not to trust, so here i am pening down a few things that i want to do or want to happen to me before i bid bye for eternity or say before i kick the bucket..

1> Have that one accomplishment to prove that i can achieve more than mediocrity.

2> To go for a long drive with friends at almost mid of night, breaking signals, hitting blockades, everyone at high, though not as much as the speakers of the car.

3> To be a "sadist-at-its-best" for one day. Hurt someone, make them cry, feel miserable and pathetic and take pleasure out of it.

4> To do a samba or salsa or infact anything that somehow resembles dance and can spread the aura of romanticism to the levels of "Casablanca" or "Serendipity".

5> A dim candle lit dinner followed by a dusky moon lit kiss.

6> To feel special in a way that would wet my eyes. You knw the cliche-ical bollywood dialogue "khushi ke aasoon".

7> To give life to one of those fantasy full dream of most of my nights.. inexplicable, unsharable, tinge of errotic agreed but exotic.

P.S 1: Yet to have its taste!!
P.S 2: I dont know how to drive..
P.S 3: why ???? because "good guys finish last"... lol
P.S 4: I suck at dance.. two left feet
P.S 5: I suffer Achluophobia (fear of darkness)
P.S 6: aaahh did i said m a big emotional fool...??
P.S 7: For my friends who take interest in voyeurism, if your thoughts are like family pizza then mine is not more then its toppings, so dnt ponder over this point.
As for the rest of them, if you find any similarity or want to add in mine... let me know!!



abhishek chakraborty said...

hey amazin post yaar....the wish list looks like u can achieve some of ur wishes for is a detail postmortem of ur post......@1.well i haVE HEARD U HAVE WON QUIZZES so u proved that u can achieve more than mediocrity....
2.well...learn drivin fast as this wish can still b fulfilled in bhubaneshwar only(u know the traffic in kolkata)
3.u dont look that tough that u can pull this stunt...(better spread happiness around by treating everyone for a mcdonald burger)
4..dont worry u will learn dancin fast(if paapu can dance than u 2)
5.well i checked ur relationship status(now i cant blive u havent done that)
6.well win tata cruicible(trust me u will know how how u feel ike winnin an oscars..kushi ke aasoon.) comments...i bet i can give a run for ur money in this matter(i think my thoughts r more errotic than urs..)...the comment is a bit long...but i leave every comments look like another story to tell..may be i have already written the longest comment ever(does ripley belive it or not check ur blog??)...

Abhi Binani said...

hahaha..... thanks 4 ur comment dude.. a post in itslf.. ;)
well 2 b honest neva knew the prodigal quizzer is blessed wid sch classic humor as well.... dnt no whether its the longest or not bt definitely a superb post mortem!! i owe u a "1st laugh of the day".... hehe!

P.S : as for the committed thing dude you see, i measure untrustworthiness in a scale with unit "girls", life is just 80 girls untrstwrthy